Tuesday, 20 July 2010

475 Beat Competitors, Vocalista champion Angels in the World Children Choir Festival

Jakarta - Indonesia Raya songs resound in the building of China Convention and Exhibition Centre, Shaoxing, Monday (07/19/2010), children choirs accompany victory Vocalista Angels. Excitement seems to fill the room to greet contestants gold medals from Indonesia were in the choir festival's world-class children.

Such an atmosphere that is described by CA Tersierra Rosa, Vocalista Angels troupe leader, choir boy home in Klaten, Central Java (Central Java), which became representative of Indonesia on the international festival. Vocalista champion Angels won for the category of folklore with the choreography.

"In addition to winning the gold medal and Folklore with koregrafi category, they also obtained a gold medal for the category of Children's choir," said Rosa, or a familiar Tersierra called Thea in the releases received by AFP on Tuesday (07/20/2010).

According to Thea, in the championship this time, Vocalista Angels carry several folk songs like "Montor-montor CILIK", "Romo Ono Maling," "Go Jago," and the song "Toki Tifa" of Maluku. In addition, the choir includes 27 children from 8-18 years after it also hosted foreign songs is "Las Ammarilas" from Spain and "Tola" from Africa.

"VA is led by conductor Jason Christy Pranowo appear very attractive so getting very boisterous applause at every appearance, even standing applaus," Thea said, adding achievements Vocalista Angels also make Indonesia as the second overall champion in the arena of world choral 6th this.

Police visited

Vocalista Angels released their departure by the Vice President (VP) Boediono on July 12 and arrived in Shaoxing on July 13. Arriving in Shaoxing, the children who come from lower class families were immediately returned to practice before the festival begins.

The exercise was carried out by entertaining the public in parks around town near the hotel they were staying. At least they do the exercises two hours in the park or any open place that is sometimes visited by local police because of noise in public places.

"Although the police eventually come to enjoy serving their singing. This is due to the difficulty to obtain an adequate gym," said Thea.

Victory choir Vocalista Angels could also be accompanied by several problems. For example, when performing the registration, Vocalista Angels name is not in the list of the committee, so that the official should contact the organizers of INTERKULTUR and local organizers.

"However deserves thumbs up to the Chinese government is earnestly preparing for the World Kejauaran that the choir was due to coincide with the sixth anniversary of the 2500 water year Shaoxing city," said Thea.

Ranked World 41

Previously, Vocalista Angels have won many international championship level choirs, among others at the World Choir Championship in South Korea in 2009. At that second gold medal for successfully disabet Kids category and Folklore.

For children choir category, since 2008 Vocalista Angels ranked 17th world. As for the level of the world, Indonesia is on the prestigious enough, namely rank 41 in all levels of age and all types of competition (children choir, youth choir, Chamber choir, Male Choir, Female choir, choir Mix, Jazz, Spiritual, and Folklore ).

Now, go Thea, choral groups will be trained to lead the choir world championship to seven children. "There is support from local governments or not, Vocalista Angels keep practicing to prepare for the 7th World Championship in Ohio, United States," he said.

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