Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The discovery of Cirebon's Treasure

Treasure discovery of Cirebon. Latest News, Treasure Hunting is done by PT Paradigma Putra Sejahtera apparently has produced results. After finding a way to search for data by conducting underwater arkelogi Ekskarvasi and Snifter form of diving skills, excavation, removal and transfer of findings. Hunting is strictly diawas by the Minister of Culture and the Navy. An estimated 30 people including, captain, diver, chef, parts cleaners who work in this hunt. After performing in dives led by an expert diver Luc Heymans has finally found a treasure in a sunken ship. This ship is estimated to have lived in the 969 and 971 that serves as a means of transportation and trade of that era expected to ship this legacy of China. A total of 270 thousand artifacts found.

The discovery of Cirebon's Treasure

Belgian archaeologist diver, Luc Heymans confessed to dive as much as 22 000 times to lift objects such artifacts. Artifacts in the form of Rubi, Jewels from the Fatimid dynasty, Gold Jewelry, Vases, gold dagger sheath, Crystal and Plates. Jewels a very large and estimated Fatimid legacy of this has been found 24 pieces. An expert mentioned that the Fatimids Permata only 40 copies exist in this world. If true, the gem it truly priceless items. Findings were reported to have been auctioned but no serious enthusiasts to buy these valuable items. But some parties, including the Sultan of Cirebon to the rejection of the auction with a way to write to the President. According Cik Jero, Minister of Culture and Tourism said "There need not be disappointed on this auction because the results of these findings is not the legacy of Indonesia but of Chinese heritage can be seen from the findings terukirkan Chinese writings." The auction was opened with the open bidding for Rp.720 Billion. Large price for the discovery of a very big also. Until now, the decision whether or not the auction is still considered by the government including the President.

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